FAO SCHWARZ 8-sound Electric Percusson Drum Mat + 2 Drumsticks


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Fao Schwarz 8-sound Electric Percussion Drum Mat + 2 Drumsticks

Encourage your child’s passion and talent for music with an electronic tabletop drum set mat from FAO Schwarz! Featuring a cordless mat, dual speakers, and two drumsticks, this tabletop drum set has a touch-sensitive pad that produces eight different sounds. Each instrument is illustrated on the pad and produces percussion sounds through the mat’s speakers when the drumsticks hit the pad.

Product Details:

  • Create your own beats using the electric drum mat. 8 touch-sensitive pads each makes a unique percussion sound. Play by yourself or add background music – the choice is yours. Listen using the built-in dual speakers or connect to the auxiliary audio jack.
  • Overall product dimension – 18.5″ L x 2.95″ W x 13″ H
  • Weight – 3.08 lbs
  • The set includes – 1 drum mat, 2 plastic drumsticks
  • Suitable for ages 2 to 4 years
  • Create your own beats – electric drum mat comes with 8 touch-sensitive pads, each has its own unique percussion sound

Additional information

Weight 3.08 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 2.95 × 13 in