FAO Schwarz Magic Set 28pcs – 300 Tricks Magician’s Bundle for Children


  • BLOW YOUR FRIEND’S MINDS WITH AMAZING ILLUSIONS AND TRICKS!: Leave your friends and family with their mouths hanging open. Become the next David Copperfield! are is the perfect beginner’s set to get you started on card and rope tricks. In no time, you’ll be mesmerizing your friends and leave them wondering and confused with your “abracadabra” tricks!
  • HUNDREDS OF TRICKS TO LEARN & PERFORM: In this wonderful magician’s kit you’ll find everything from special card decks, sponge balls, handkerchiefs, ropes, cups, a fake thumb, and much more – as well as detailed instructions for no less than 300 magic tricks to do with them!
  • FINALLY, QUALITY THAT DOES THE TRICK: When it comes to our magic set, you’ll find high-quality materials, parts, and accessories that will help you excel in all your tricks!
  • PREMIUM MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS: Even if you can’t pull rabbits out of hats just yet, don’t worry! This premium magic trick set caters to both experienced magicians and absolute beginners. The set includes everything needed to start performing your first tricks in minutes! Master magic and illusions with the FAO Schwarz 28-piece Magic Set. The detailed instructional guide included!
  • AN AMAZING GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR TINY MAGICIANS: This wonderful magic trick bundle is the best way for a boy or a girl to dive into magic – a thoughtful and exciting present anyone would love to receive! NOTE: Does not include the hat, rabbit, cape or bag.
  • Age Range: 8 years & up


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FAO Schwarz Magic Set 28pcs – 300 Tricks Magician’s Bundle for Children – Card Decks, Coin Tricks, Handkerchiefs, & More, Includes Instructions for All Skill Levels

Take Your First Step Toward Becoming A Master Magician!

Are you fascinated by the mysterious world of magic?  Don’t you wish you could perform tricks and illusions like greatest magicians, leaving whole crowds of people speechless?  Well, this is your chance to shine! This amazing magic trick set will get you started learning the ins and outs of the world of magic!

Dozens of Props, Trinkets & Tricks of The Trade!

Designed to provide an aspiring young magician with all the tricks of the trade, this amazing 28-piece magic trick set includes special card decks, props, ropes, sponges, and much more.  Every single trick and props are high quality and special design to make sure you can perform mind-blowing illusions!

300 Tricks to Master & Thrill Your Audience!

Of course, the props alone are just that – props. You’ll become the real magician wowing crowds with your wizardry!  Included in the set are detailed instructions to 300 amazing magic tricks — enough to fuel your magical repertoire! “Abracadabra” will become your favorite word!

Package Includes:

Instruction booklet Ball & Vase
Chop cups Standard & Svengali Card Deck
Sponge Balls Square Sponge
Coin Conjuration Penetration Glass
1-piece Fake Finger Floating Card
3 Piece Rope Flying Coins Cup
Money Printer 2 Piece Handkerchiefs


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