Discovery Kids RC Triceratops, LED Infrared Remote Control Dinosaur


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Discovery Kids RC Triceratops, LED Infrared Remote Control Dinosaur, Built-in Speakers W/ Digital Sound Effects

Do your children love anything and everything prehistoric? Ignite their minds in a fun, educational manner with the Discovery Kids RC Triceratops figure and watch this Cretaceous period creature come to life right in front of them! This small yet fierce remote-control triceratops toy stands at 10 inches, but don’t let the tiny stature fool you! It comes with soft, flexible skin, lifelike facial features, glowing eyes, and articulated legs/arms to move across the floor. Wireless LED infrared remote control activates the RC dinosaur’s awesome abilities, and you can even set it to Auto Performance mode to have it roam freely!

  • BLAST TO THE PREHISTORIC PAST with the Discovery Kids RC Triceratops Figure! This 9-inch dinosaur toy brings this majestic Cretaceous period creature back to the modern day, complete with life-like features your children will love.
  • HAVE A ROARING GOOD TIME: Did you know that the name triceratops literally means “three-horned face” in Greek? This little remote-control figure brings the dinosaur’s lifelike features right in front of your child’s eyes with its hard pebbled skin, articulated movements, and even light-up eyes! A built-in speaker comes embedded with digital sound effects so your child can make the dinosaur unleash ferocious roars with the touch of a button!
  • TWO-WAY STEERING AND AUTO-MODE: Make the triceratops move and roar with the LED infrared remote control! Featuring a fun fossil design, the controller lets you maneuver the RC triceratops forwards and backward. When you’re done driving, hold down both buttons on the remote to enable Auto Mode and watch the triceratops roam around as it pleases.
  • MAKE THEIR IMAGINATIONS SOAR while playing with the RC Triceratops with your child! Children will love controlling the dinosaur all over the home as well as making it a loyal guardian for their bedrooms!
  • BATTERY-OPERATED: The Discovery Kids RC Triceratops Figure requires 5 “AAA” batteries (not included), making it easy to bring around the house or on the road!


Product Details

  • 2-piece set
  • 8.87 x 2.87 x 4.0 inches
  • Includes RC dinosaur and remote control
  • Ages 8+
  • Imported

Material & Care

  • Plastic
  • Spot clean only

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Weight .79 lbs
Dimensions 8.87 × 2.87 × 4 in