FAO Premium Piano Dance Mat – Fun Musical Step ‘N’ Playmat For Children


  • Let your little virtuoso’s talent run wild! Does your little angel seem to have both the musical talent of a tiny Beethoven and the dancing grace of a pint-sized Michael Jackson? Well, this amazing piano dance mat will allow them to combine their gifts and learn how to play amazing melodies, using nothing but their little feet and sweet dance moves!
  • Learn, play, record, create! Using easy-to-follow instructions, This wonderful piano dance mat can teach you or your children how to perform up to 5 different classic tunes simply by stepping on the piano keys. And once you’ve mastered those, you’re free to use all 38 different notes to create, record, and replay your own melodies – so get ready to let your creativity flourish!
  • Premium quality, hours & hours of fun! Popularized by the iconic movie “big”, most piano dance mats out there are nothing but cheaply made imitations. Well, not this one. Durable, long-lasting, and made exclusively with premium quality parts and materials, This amazing piano dance mat will offer you and your loved ones hours upon hours of fun and entertainment!
  • The best way to get the party started! Ask anyone what a children’s’ Dream birthday party consists of, and they’ll tell you 4 things: fun, music, silly dancing, and cake. There’s not much we can do about the cake, Unfortunately, but as far as the other 3 go, this amazing PREMIUM piano dance mat is the De facto way to get any party started and on fire!
  • An amazing present idea for both boys & girls! Are you looking for a gift that’s fun, educational, and make most young boys and girls jump around in excitement? Because this amazing piano dance mat is exactly that – an entertaining and creative toy any kid would love to receive and play with For hours and hours on end!


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FAO Premium Piano Dance Mat – 69×31-Inch Fun Musical Step ‘N’ Playmat For Children – Perform Classic Tunes With Your Feet! – 38 Different Notes – Record & Playback Function – Great gift ideas for girls and boys.

Product Description:

Afford Your Child A Unique Dancing & Musical Playing Experience – Starting Today!

Do music, dancing, and fun run in your family – including your little ones?

Aren’t you sick and tired of children’s toys that have little to no educational value, and prove to be nothing more than a brief – albeit expensive! – distraction for your kids?

If all that sounds familiar, there’s one thing for sure: you and your little ones are going to love this wonderful piano dance mat!

Learn, Play, Dance, Create, And Record Your Own Melodies!

Combining both music and dancing, these amazing piano dance mats are a great way to entertain your children and help them develop their artistic and creative skills – both at the same time!

With 38 different notes and 5 classics, beloved tunes to learn, your little ones will soon be dancing on the piano mat, creating their own music with the pitter-patter of their tiny feet, and recording their musical creations to playback for you!

Now THAT’s what a truly fun and educational experience looks like!

Premium Quality You Can Actually Put Your Faith In!

It’s true – not all piano dance mats out there are created equal. And unlike most of them, these ones are designed, built, and created with nothing but respect for you and your loved ones, excellent quality parts and materials, and exhaustive quality checks.

That way, we can be certain you and your children will be dancing and having fun on your new musical piano mats for a good, long time!

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