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A Multipurpose Outdoor Lamp

Did you ever run out of battery on your phone when your outdoor camping or on a tailgate event, especially when all your external battery pack is exhausted and no nearby outlet to plug your phone?  There might be just a solution for charging your phone or just plain having a flashlight when you need a light in dark places, and there is no outlet or extra batteries that you can use.

Introducing the iGadgitz Dynamo Flashlight.  It is a phone charger, a flashlight, an emergency light without using a battery when all the energy is exhausted. A simple LED flashlight to the rescue.  Not just an ordinary flashlight, but a rechargeable flashlight and a wind-up gadget to give you light and charge your phone. A really cool gadget for my opinion, especially for outdoor campers.  All you need to do is pull the lever out and start cranking to get more juice for your device or more light.  Check it out and get yours while supply last.  Get 10% discount with a promo code CRANK10 for a limited time.


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