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Illuminate The World In Your Hand!

During this technology era, you will find more and more gadgets are popping out in the market.  From kitchen gadgets to add-ons for our camera or cellphones or something that will help us to educate our kids.  As our children grow, they learn different things in school and at home, like learning the different cities and country of the world.  At school, they learn how to use the map and learn that earth is actually round not flat.   And at home, we can continue to enhance their knowledge and pick their interest by introducing them with an interesting way of learning and using the globe.  We all know that children learn better if their interested and curious.  So, why not give them the Discovery 2 in 1 Illuminating Globe.

This globe features cities in different countries in a very interesting view during night time or in the dark.  You learn during the day, and use it as a lamp at your room and get fascinated with by the illuminating feature of the globe during night time mimicking a satellite shot looking from the outer space.

It makes an ideal learning tool to add on to the kids’ room or at your home library.  Learning should always be interesting for our kids and this Discovery Globe is just perfect.

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