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Let’s get cooking!

When you’re a parent of a toddler, you always think of something to occupy their minds and their time so they don’t end up being bored and start whining when you have a lot on your hands.  You always think of a perfect toy that will pick their interest.  If you are a parent of a toddler, you will learn that this is the age when your child mimics every move you make.  They are fascinated with everything you do, from cooking to cleaning or even washing the dishes.

As a parent, we always try to teach our children a path they will go when they grow to be.  When we watch them play, you notice how they play like a doctor, playing with their dolls and they ask for toys doctors use treating patients.  Sometimes they play with their dolls like teaching them in school.  And sometimes we see them play cooking just like mommy in the kitchen.  So as always, we try to encourage and stimulate their creative minds and imagination by buying them toys that encourage how they play.  We always think of ways to enhance their curiosity by buying toys that we think they will love especially if they’re going to do things just like mommy.

One of the popular toys made for a little curious toddler in the market is the FAO Schwarz Wooden Stove.  A wood stove design that is just exquisite looking like a real stove that can be placed on a counter or tabletop enough for your toddler to reach, complete with all the necessary accessories like the pot, pan, frying pan, spatula, and the pretend food that has two sides, a side that is raw, and a side that is cook, which mimic the way food should look while cooking.  A genius creation for your little chef taking their play time to the next level.  The FAO Schwarz Wooden Stove is a perfect toy to pretend cooking together with you when your cooking, who knows you might have the next Iron chef in the future.

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