Discovery Kids Sound Machine Alarm Clock with Stars Projection

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Discovery Kids Sound Machine Alarm Clock with Stars Projection, 6 Nature Sound Soother Therapy Tracks, Temperature and Date Display, Battery-Powered, Alarm, and Timer Functions

Versatile alarm clock and sound machine. The Discovery Kids Machine Projection Alarm Clock is a multitasking clock that does it all! Tell time, drift off to sleep with the built-in sound therapy option, and wow yourself with a light show of stars on your ceiling! soundtracks with a timer option. Six soundtracks help lull you off to sleep with the ambient sounds of nature. Choose from rainfall, ocean, city, pulse, white noise, and rainforest. Projects stars on your ceiling! The clock projects moving, colorful stars onto your ceiling! Enjoy its soothing glow as you drift off to the calming sounds of nature. Please note: The stars cannot be turned off independently. If the clock face is on, the stars will be projected.

  • ALL-IN-ONE ALARM CLOCK AND SOUND THERAPY MACHINE: The Discovery Kids Sound Machine Projection Alarm Clock is a multitasking clock that tells the time, soothes with its built-in soundtracks, and projects a dazzling array of stars onto your ceiling to help lull you to sleep!
  • 6 SOOTHING NATURE SOUNDS: Six different soothing nature soundtracks are included to lull you to sleep: rainfall, ocean waves, city ambiance, heartbeat, white noise static, and rainforest.
  • DISPLAYS DATE, TIME, AND TEMPERATURE: The LED screen conveniently displays the time, month, year, and current temperature at a glance.
  • RELAXING STAR PATTERN PROJECTION: Star mode turns on the projector on the top of the clock, projecting a fun, rotating pattern of green, red, and blue stars! This also backlights the LED screen for nighttime use.
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Product Details:

  • Projects a dazzling array of color-changing stars on your wall and ceiling
  • Features 6 built-in soothing nature sounds and 4 alarm sounds
  • Multi-function clock including 12/24 hour display, F/C temps, alarm, and more.
  • Dimensions (Overall): 6.5 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (W) x 4.3 Inches (D)
  • Weight: .8 Pounds
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Color: Blue
  • Battery: Required, NOT Included
  • 80% Plastic, 15% electrical components, 5% metal
  • Spot clean
  • Imported

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 4.4 × 4 × 3.9 in