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Pour… Bake… Flip… Perfect Brownies For My Tummy!

Nowadays, you will find gadgets for everything, from your techy devices to kitchen gadgets.   I love gadgets especially anything for the kitchen.   Who doesn’t love gadgets?  I got to admit some gadgets works but some are just a waste of money.  I love to cook and eat, and I would trade anything for a hassle-free cooking gadget to make me cook more and not think twice because the cooking prep is just time-consuming.  Imagine cooking for dinner, 1 hour prep time, 10 minutes to eat the food.  Prepping takes time, that’s why sometimes you think of take-out order for dinner.

I am always in the lookout for cooking gadgets and trust me I have lots of them in my kitchen.  I cooked brownies all the time too, and I’ve tried non-stick pan, glass pan, metal pan, to no success, they all come out the same, not perfect especially when you a get burn or tough brownies.  You try to follow the box direction but cooking times varies depending on the pan you use, and you still don’t get a perfect brownie, what you get is burn edges and an uncooked batter in the center, it is just a hit and miss, then you try to put it back in the oven to cook it a little more, and you end up overcooking it.

Recently, I found out about this brownie pan which is made of silicon. A food grade silicon which they claim to have a perfect cook brownie without sticking at all.  Well, I am skeptical but I bought one, and after washing and drying the pan, I started a batch of brownie.  Followed all the directions from the box, even the cooking time, not knowing how long should I cook in the oven since it is a silicone pan, and my first time using it.  After 35 minutes on a 350-degree oven, took it out, let it cool, and started the process of removing each perfect bite-size brownie.  The verdict, perfect cook brownies that did not stick and was really easy to remove.  I am amazed!  No burnt edges, cook in the center, and perfect bite size ready to eat.  I love it!  I am not sugar coating, you be the judge and watch my short video.

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